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The Best Video Poker Game - Deuces Wild

The Deuces Wild is the best variation of the traditional Video Poker Game and the video poker game most played in online casinos. The deuce is just like a Joker. Therefore, it may become any card you desire.

As the deck has 4 deuces, the minimum payouts are on the 3 of a kind hand.  Here the Jacks or Better does not apply in this case. It is important to note that the deuces wild is very different from the classic video poker. The major difference being the two royal flushes present in the video poker game. This version of the game makes use of one or more than one deuces to complete the hand. As there are 4 deuces, to get the royal flush with single deuce is not a very difficult task.

The payout of the deuces wild machine is fair enough. In reality it is more than 98% with optimum play. It is better to check out the payout percentage of any kind of deuces wild game before playing. Every machine has a different payout percentage. In a same land based casino also, there may be different payouts for different machines. It is quite common to have one 100% payout machine and another one paying out 90%. The same is the case with the online version of the casino. Therefore, a bit of research is necessary for high payouts.

The functioning of the deuces wild is similar to all the other video poker machines. Per hand you can either play with one or more chips. It is my personal advice to max out the chips as it makes a lot of difference if you win a royal flush. If you hit the pot, you are surely going to lose a fortune. You will surely regret your decision, if you do not wager on maximum chips. The moment the cards get dealt, press the hold button to hold the cards and press the deal button to deal with new cards. Once the hand is completed, you will be paid if you hit. Quite easy if you have played video poker before.

The deuces wild game is similar to any kind of wild game of video poker. The payout percentage in online deuces wild is better than the brick and mortar video poker game. There are three extra payouts in the online version. They are the royal flush with deuce, four deuces and 5 of a kind. In case of 5 of a kind, for the maximum 5 chip bet, the payout is around 75 chips. You surely need to check the machine as the chip system varies in each and every machine. After the Royal Flush, the four deuces comes second in line. As I mentioned earlier, the payouts vary from one machine to another. Normally for a single coin bet, the payout is 200 coins. For the royal flush it is 250 for a single coin video poker game. There is something like the progressive payout system. There are good machines even offering 500 chips for single chip wager.

To conclude, the Deuces wild game is the best game to start, but it is better to try playing all the other video poker games to understand which game is most suitable for you.

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